We do human resource consultancy because a human being is a resource that develops and we believe in its development.

Consulting offers

Our consulting offer is personal, pragmatic and custom, whether it's coaching recruitment mission or advice mission.


Coaching is a privilege relationship from person to person in which the coach accompanies his client toward a goal previously established.

The accompaniment

We accompany you in decision making, driving change and the development of individual skills.Coaching, is above all a space of unique expression for the accompanied person who will develop his own answers of professional or private problems, jointly identified in a contract that involves integration difficulty, conflict resolution or career development.This approach allows you to align your choices to your values. It helps you to shape the success of your strategy, allowing you to become an agent of change, of your own change.Coaching aims at lifting the blockages that restrict the expression of the beneficiary’s potential.

Company coaching

Our coaching allows the team to become aware of their strengths, weaknesses and mechanisms and thus to establish a plan of action to change these behaviours and modes of operation by finding those who will be most adapted, taking into account the characteristics of the group and the objective to be achieved.

Job search

You are looking for a job and wish to update your CV, affirm and have confidence in you during a job interview? We're here to help and guide you in this research path, by providing you with pragmatic and effective solutions specific to your needs.

Profile Analysis

Would you like to have a simple and effective tool to determine the behavioural profile of each individual and the ideal composition of a team?